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How To Use A Meat Thermometer

Anyone who enjoys eating good quality meat such as ours will more than likely enjoy the cooking of the meat as well, but for anyone who is not confident in cooking meat then I would recommend purchasing a meat thermometer to ensure that you are cooking your meat to your taste.

People's true interpretation of rare etc. is very different from one individual to the next.

Most people are quite particular about the ‘doneness’ of their meat. Try serving a rare roast to someone who enjoys their meat medium or well done …. It’s a recipe for disaster.

To ensure the doneness of your meat use a meat thermometer as this is an accurate way of measuring the internal temperature of the meat during cooking. As meat thermometers vary please ensure you read their guidelines for use before using.

Below is a guide of the internal temperature of meats and poultry.

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Internal minimum temperature of meats and poultry

Product Minimum °f - °c 
Beef (roasts, steaks, and chops)*        
- Rare    140°f     60°c 
- Medium       160°f   70°c 
- Well-done   170°f     75°c
- Casseroles   160°f     70°c
- Whole   180°f   85°c
- Breasts, roasts   170°f    75°c
-Whole     180°f     85°c
-Whole     180°f    85°c
- Fresh (raw)   160°f    70°c
- Precooked (to reheat)   140°f    60°c
Lamb (roasts, steaks, and chops)        
- Medium-rare   145°f   65°c
- Medium   160°f    70°c
- Well-done   170°f    75°c
- Medium   160°f   70°c
- Well-done   170°f    75°c
- Whole   180°f     85°c
- Breasts, roasts   170°f    75°c
-Stuffing (cooked alone or in bird)   165°   73°c
Veal (roasts, steaks, and chops)        
- Medium-rare   145°f    65°c
- Medium   160°f   70°c
- Well-done   170°f   75°c



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